DeAngelo Hall says he not a great corner, but he’s a great football player

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Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall explained that he’s not a great corner after having a sub par year last season.  This season defensive coordinator Jim Haslett plans on moving him to inside to cover the slot receiver on passing downs.

“I’m probably not a great corner, but I’m a great football player,” Hall said. “To go in the slot gives me a chance to be a football player. You’ve got to be a complete football player. You’ve got to tackle. You’ve got to pick passes off. You’ve got to be able to read routes.

“I’m essentially the linebacker when we’re in nickel personnel. They’ve given me a lot of flexibility to just go out there and make plays. You’re closer to the action. A lot of times I’m lining up at linebacker depth, showing blitz and kicking back out to coverage or I’m showing like I’m covering and getting down to a run gap.”

I’m not sure what makes Hall a great football player and a good corner when he gets beat deep fairly often and isn’t great at tackling.  I will give him credit that he seems to put himself in the place at the right time to grab some interceptions.

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