DeAngelo Hall would love if the Redskins signed DeSean Jackson

desean-jackson-crips-deangelo-hallRedskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall told Tarik El-Bashir of that he would love it if his team ends up signing DeSean Jackson.

“Huge, huge, man,” Hall said. “If we could add a piece like that … he’s a threat whenever the ball is in hands.”

Hall continued, “It automatically makes the special teams better. He’s a deep threat. You can’t put eight in the box. Man, if we could pull that off …I was a little disappointed early on in free agency, but if we could pull that off, hell, that would make my day, make my year.”

Hall believes Jackson would be a good fit for their locker room.

“Not at all,” Hall said. “I feel like our locker room has a good group of young guys, a good group of old guys, man. Some of the things he’s been going through lately, that’s life. That’s life. We’ve all been through something, so …if he’s able to come here, man, I’m going to take him under my wing and just try to put him on the right path.”



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