DeAngelo Hall backtracks on comments he made on the Redskins name after the organization contacted him

deangelo hallThe other day cornerback DeAngelo Hall told Mike Hill  that he believes the Redskins should probably change their name.

Now Hall is back tracking after members of the Redskins organization contacted him,  according to The Washington Post.

Hall claims he was caught off guard when Hill ask him about the Redskins’ name.

“I was definitely surprised and thought I answered it as best I could,” said Hall, who will be a free agent this offseason. “I guess, going back reading it, I didn’t see the exact extent of it and if I said that through the course of the interview.”

Then the backtracking really started.

“Back in the day, people dropped the N-word just like they were saying, ‘Hey, bro.’ Now, it means a whole heck of a lot for us,” Hall said. “Is this the same thing? I’m not Native American. I have some in my background – my granddad was part – but I can’t claim to understand where they’re coming from or their viewpoint, so for me to say what’s right or wrong or what should be changed is out of my pay grade.

“That decision ultimately – you know me, all teammates and I have stayed away from this topic. It’s one where you really can’t be right. Somebody’s going to view it one way, and somebody’s going to view it the other way. So, it’s not my team, as far as owning the team to make a change. That burden falls on Dan Snyder and the rest of the ownership committee. But, to just totally X-out the past of what the Redskins mean? I grew up a huge Redskins fan. Being from Virginia Beach, that’s all I knew: Darrell Green, Dexter Manley and all those other guys, Joe Theismann. I don’t want to take anything away from those guys or the history of what they mean to myself and the National Football League.”

During the season it was reported that the Redskins told their players not to comment on the controversy that surround their racist name, but Hall clearly forgot and he’s scheduled to hit free agency in just over month, so he may not even care anymore.



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    Of course, the usual “I didn’t mean it that way” response. All players are professionals when it comes to this already.

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    Well now we know Paul thinks it’s racist. For crying out loud, the media is a bunch of lowlifes. What a hack job blogger. Let’s just give them back all their land and move to Europe already. Isn’t that where we’re going with all this bs?

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