Dean Spanos: Talk about Ladainian Tomlinson coming back wasn’t serious

We reported over the weekend that former Chargers running back Ladainian Tomlinson told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports that the Chargers asked him if he was willing to come back and play this coming season.

Chargers executive vice president John Spanos made an appearance on XEPRS-AM and cleared things up a little.

“When you see L.T., and you see the kind of shape he’s in, and the first time meeting him (coach) Mike (McCoy) and (general manager) Tom (Telesco), obviously knowing what he’s meant to our city lends itself to the first question, ‘Hey, nice to meet you, you got any carries left in you?’ ” Spanos said, per

“There was a friendly discussion, and he made it clear he’s retired and that’s all it was. It’s funny it’s getting a lot of attention because I can tell having been there it really wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Spanos said even though they brought up Tomlinson playing again, the topic died quickly.

“I think because the conversation never really got past that initial point,” Spanos said. “It was literally just a quick second, it was a comment and answer and that was it. It never really had a chance to develop beyond that. So it was just an initial introduction, and a simple question, and that’s all it really was to be honest with you.”



  1. David says

    He would’ve sold more seats that’s for sure! With an upgraded OL and an offensive coordinator that has more than a few running plays up his sleeve, LT could do alright. Especially, catching passes out of the backfield.

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