Deal between Wes Welker and the Patriots “isn’t anywhere near close to happening”

It was reported yesterday that the New England Patriots and wide receiver Wes Welker have ended their contract talks with both sides unable to come to an agreement on a new deal.

According to the Boston Herald, it’s not just that both sides aren’t talking anymore, but they’re weren’t even close to getting a deal done,despite reports  leading up to the start of free agency that the Patriots and Welker were close.

The Patriots and Wes Welker did not consummate a deal. They remain in contract limbo. As it stands, the two sides talked yesterday. But the bottom line is this: They’re not in a happy place.

That means the much-anticipated long-term contract between the team and its heart-and-soul receiver isn’t anywhere near close to happening. By the open of NFL free agency, the sides were miles apart. So they have moved on.

That doesn’t mean they still can’t come together and eventually work out a deal. But the fact the discussions had broken off less than an hour after free agency opened doesn’t leave the most optimistic picture — and casts a pall over the proceedings going forward.

I think something can still get done, but it obviously doesn’t look good right now.