David Wilson let’s some steam off on Twitter

New York Giants running back David Wilson has been feeling the heat since being benched this past Sunday night after fumbling the ball away twice to the Cowboys.

So Wilson decided to let some steam off in Twitter.

What’s funny is that if the doubters were irrelevant, he wouldn’t have posted this tweet.

Wilson needs to focus on holding onto the football, not the haters.


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    David Wilson should get with his Agent, and ask to be traded ASAP! This way here he will not loose any more credability, and would get picked up by a good team. The hell with Giants, Redman a running back for the Steelers fumbled twice on sunday, and he is not on the bench. Eli threw 4 interceptions on Sunday night, he is not on the bench. So I would say, good bye N Y Giants, what do you have now?

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    Picking up Jacobs is a joke! Michael Turner is still out there, with no knee surgery. Alot better back on short downs, and he can block. I am willing too bet in 6 games Jacobs will be out wit a knee problem. Wilson should demand a trade!

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    I have a Giant fan since Y A Tittle, so you know how long I have been a Giant fan. One more thing, all new coaches, same plays all the time, they never , or almost never throw to there backs, never use two wide out to the same side, side by side, too prevent a dble. team, hardly move the pocket, and much more. I am a Gruden fan, tough, smart, and he has stated that he always wanted to coach, the N Y Giants.

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