David Diehl willing to redo his contract for Victor Cruz

New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl told the NFL Network that he wouldn’t have a problem with restructuring his contract to help them sign Victor Cruz to a long-term extension.

“I wish I was his agent. I’d tell you more answers, and I wish I was upstairs in the office,” Diehl said Thursday on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access, per NFL.com. “But like you said, Eli (Manning) would be willing to do things, I’d be willing to do some things to restructure and help other guys out, and to keep a great teammate along like Victor Cruz.

“I have restructured before in my 10 seasons of being a New York Giant. It’s not something that I’m unfamiliar with. I mean, that’s part of the business of the NFL.”

Cruz’s teammates know how important he is to them and are willing to do what it takes to make sure he sticks around.


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