David Diehl underwent knee surgery, unsure of his future with the Giants

New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl told Newsday that he underwent offseason knee surgery.

“Getting my knee right was the number one thing I wanted to do in the offseason, getting it fixed and healed up,” Diehl said. “Now, like I said, it’s getting myself back to 100 percent. I know that I’m capable of a lot, I know that I’m still able to play this game to a high level now that I’m going to be healthy and doing everything I can to do that. I’m excited about this upcoming year, to play and get back out there.”

Diehl says he understands how the NFL works and he hasn’t heard anything from the Giants when it comes to his future.

“The thing you realize at an early age is that as an NFL player you have an expiration date on you and it comes with a price tag,” the offensive lineman said Tuesday. “That’s the way that it always goes. Nothing has been said to me yet, but that’s all things you can’t control. The only things you can control are the way you prepare each and every day, getting myself healthy, and whenever that comes about we’ll deal with it. But as of now, nothing has been said.”