David Diehl might be the front-runner to start at right tackle for the Giants

Dan Graziano of ESPN.com believes that David Diehl is the favortie to start at right tackle for the Giants this season even though they just drafted Justin Pugh in the first round.

I believe that David Diehl is currently the front-runner to start the season as the New York Giants’ starting right tackle and that Kevin Boothe is slated for left guard. Justin Pugh could certainly perform well enough in preseason to take one of those jobs, but the Giants like to play their veterans and develop their young players, and even though Pugh was their first-round pick this year, it would be unlike them to just hand him starter responsibilities in Year One. I personally think a big reason they picked Pugh was that they believe he can play any position on the offensive line and they don’t know what their specific needs will be on the line a year or two from now. He could certainly come quickly, but the Giants’ way is to be patient and not force things with their rookies. Even the first-rounders.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Pugh sat his first year to learn the Giants offense.  New York isn’t a team that forces their rookies to play early.

I believe this will be Diehl’s final season with the Giants and Pugh will take over in 2014.

[Photo from Giants.com]


  1. Keith says

    Diehl will Start the season. I’m sure someone will get injured probably Diehl half way through the season and Pugh will get his chance and never look back. Or someone at RG or LG could go down then Diehl would slide inside to Guard and Pugh plays RT. At some point this year someone will get hurt it happens every year. Pugh will be good enough to start at some point this season. I think he only plays RT during the regular season they would likely move other pieces around before asking Pugh to go to Guard. He is a little under weight for it can he play the position yeah but he would be better off at Tackle.

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