David Akers deletes Twitter account after death threat

According to the Sacramento Bee, San Francisco 49ers kicker David Akers was forced to close down his Twitter account after receiving a death threat.

Kicker David Akers, who has struggled in recent games, re-tweeted this message around 7 p.m. Wednesday: RT @RIP_FreeLaddin YOU F—-OT IF YOU MISS ONE MORE FIELD GOAL YOU ABOUT TO GET YOUR ENTIRE LIFE ENDED. Akers appears to have disabled his Twitter account, @DavidAkers2, shortly thereafter.

It’s so sad that people feel like they need to threaten the life of some else because of a sport, get a life.  This guy clearly has too much time on his hands.


  1. RAM says

    To the idiot #1 threathing a NFL palyer. Hey dumb ass if you think your any better than a proffessional football player why don’t you try out for the 9ers or any team in the NFL for that matter? Hmm beacuse you probably still live with your mom & only mastered the art of kicking field goals on Madden 2012. For you to threathen another mans life because of a sport says a lot about who you are & how you were raised! You probably where the one talking shit to K. Williams last year after the NFC Championship game huh??? I’ve never played profeesional sports but I do play recreational sports in my hometown but one thing I do know is idiots like you would never understand what a slump is. Everyone has a slump from time to time.I’m sorry I forgot your a master of playing Madden football so #1 you think your better than everyone. #2 you live in fantasy world so you wouldn’t understand. Your mom still papers you & you woulnd’t ever know what a stuggle in life is. Akers is still one of the better kickers in the NFL & I do understand what the man is going through.You have the entire 9er nation supporting you. Don’t let one madden junkie change who you are. Trust me you will have a chance this season to shut everyone up & kick the game winning field goals that’s going to mean a lot for the 9ers! Keep your head up!

    RAM from the Stak & I’m out!

  2. McGraw says

    It’s just a game people. IT’S JUST A GAME!!! For Pete’s sake. There is absolutely no excuse for such a threatening tweet — none. The person should be tracked down and prosecuted.

  3. Seahawksfan99 says

    This is what has become of our society. This is not a free speech issue. You do not have the right to threaten anyone. Case in point, walk up to a cop and threaten him or his family and see what happens. Conspiracy crimes are simply this, someone overheard you say something about committing an illegal act. This clown and all social misfits who threaten lives in cyber space need to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Put them away for a few years. Send a message that this behavior will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. This behavior needs to be put to bed. End of story.

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