Darren Woodson says the Cowboys “are garbage at tackling”

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Former Dallas Cowboys safety Darren Woodson believes his former team is horrible at tackling and will need to improve in order to contend this season.

Woodson told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that the Cowboys “are garbage at tackling.  They won’t hit a soul.”

The article in the Journal-Sentinel talks about how poor tackling has gotten in the NFL.  Woodson even took time to rip how poorly the Packers tackle.

“Look at the Packers and how they tackle,” Woodson said. “They are terrible. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. I love Charles Woodson, but it’s either the spectacular play or the guy’s getting an extra six or seven yards. They are all trying to make that big play.”

Poor tackling is all over the game of football and a big reason for it is because players are always going for the big hits or are scared to hit another player.  I truly believe that if NFL players get back to the fundamentals of proper tackling, head injuries would go down dramatically.

  • Brian

    Darren Woodson’s comment is spot-on. The teams that excel on defense are also the teams that by-and-large have great tackling skills. That is hardly a coincidence — there is a reason that teams like the 49ers, Steelers and Ravens have top-notch defenses, and it isn’t just a matter of personnel. They exhibit good, hard-hitting, tackling techniques.

    If indeed defense wins championships, good tackling is the form that builds the defense that builds championships.