Darren Sharper will appear in a California court on Wednesday over rape charges

Former NFL star Darren Sharper will make an appearance in a California court room on Wednesday in order to attend two hearings after allegedly drugging and raping two women last last year.

The second hearing is for the case in Arizona in which he’s being accused of drugging three women with sleeping pills prior to sexually assaulting them.

Sharper was being held in a Los Angeles jail as prosecutors in the two states have been vying to try him first.

A California judge had set Sharper’s bail at $1 million but later ruled that he should remain in jail without bail after the Arizona indictment.

Sharper has also been investigated for alleged sexual assaults in Louisiana, Nevada and Florida, where authorities in May found insufficient evidence to charge him.

 Sharper has already pled not guilty in California and denies the allegations in the other states as well.

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