Darrelle Revis wants a long-term deal so he can retire a Jet

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So far it looks like New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis will once again hold out for a new contract, even though he currently has two years left on his current deal.

Revis has made it clear that he wants a new deal, so he can retire as a member of the Jets organization.

“I want to retire here,” Revis said in an interview Thursday, per the Newark Star-Ledger. “I think Mike (Tannenbaum) knows that. I think Rex (Ryan) knows that. (The Jets) drafted me, they gave me a chance, so yeah, I want to be here and never play for another organization again. If they feel that, if Mike feels that I’m that type of person to be here, then they will compensate me. If not, then it’s the business of it.”

Revis made it clear that he’s not mad about his current contract situation.

“People think I’m mad or unhappy. I’m not mad or unhappy,” Revis said. “It’s a thing where some things were said, and I think that’s what people are really focusing on. It was a Band-Aid type of contract, and they were going to redo it or renew it, and it hasn’t happened yet.”