Darrelle Revis says it would be awesome to help the 49ers win a Super Bowl

In an interview with Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson on the Real Rob Report, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis said that the trade rumors that have surrounded him have hit home for him.

“I’m a competitor,” Revis said, per ProFootballTalkcom.  “I’m always trying to compete, whether it’s on or off the field.  This hit home.  This definitely hit home.  Especially being one of the best players out there and come to find out you’re getting shopped.

“It really hits home.  My main focus is it really doesn’t matter where I’ll be at.  I know what I can do.  I’m confident in what I can do . . . . So whether it be there with the New York Jets or it be with another team, I have to do what I have to do and play ball and do my services for that team.”

The 49ers have been mentioned as a possible landing spot and Revis doesn’t soudn like he’d mind trying to help them win a Super Bowl.

“I would just be an addition to help them win that trophy,” Revis said.  “Would it be awesome?  Yeah.  My main goal as a I player and I think of all of us as players in the NFL is to hold that Lombardi Trophy up in the air and to wear that ring.”

The 49ers don’t have a lot of cap room to pull off a deal for Revis, but many people feel like it could get done.  And right now it looks like they’re not willing to make a deal for him.



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