Darrelle Revis’ may be able to resume football activities in April

Darrelle Revis’ defensive backs trainer Will Sullivan believes Revis might be able to resume some football related-activities in April that could include some light running and conditioning.

“For me, I think I’m thumbs up in April, I’m going to get the green light (from Revis’ training staff) in April,” Sullivan told The Star-Ledger.

“The great thing is, there’s been no setbacks, it’s been a great surgery, he’s doing the right things — he hasn’t done too much, he hasn’t done too little. He’s doing just enough to make sure he’s cooperating with the doctor and physical therapist.

“Once I get the green light in April, it’s time to go hit it hard on the field, so I have to make sure we hit it in a progressive manner. … With him I have to start off with level one. It’s all about how he graduates from program to program.”

It sounds like Revis’ rehab is right on schedule which is good.  Just like any  rehab from a serious injury, the most important thing is avoid any possible set backs.