Darrelle Revis believes he’s 4-6 weeks away from running outside

According to Andrea Kremer of the NFL Network, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is hoping to start running outside within the next 4-6 weeks as he continues to rehab his repaired ACL.

Monday was a milestone day for Revis, who has been rehabbing at the Fischer Sports training facility in Arizona. Kremer said Revis ran on a treadmill for the first time since last September. He had 45 pounds of weights lifted off of him, with more weight to be removed as the process continues.

“I said, ‘What went through your mind when you were doing it?’ ” Kremer recalled. “He goes, ‘I know it sounds crazy, but I’m running.’ And that is just a huge thing for him, a huge hurdle both mentally and physically to get past.”

Revis also is working on drills to stop, plant and change direction. He said he’s on pace to run outside with no weight at all in four to six weeks. His goal is to be ready for football activities by the start of training camp.

It certainly sounds like Revis’ rehab is going well, but the final test will be when he gets back on the field with pads on in training camp.