Darnell Dockett was ready to demand a trade

According to the Arizona Republic, former Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt and defensive lineman Darnell Dockett weren’t very fond of one another.

Whisenhunt wasn’t crazy about Dockett’s immaturity at times.

 the messages from Ken Whisenhunt weren’t always so well-intended or received. And by the end of the 2012 season, Dockett was in a much darker place.

He had defied the coaching staff on the field in New York, refusing to let the Jets score a touchdown as ordered, engaging in some form of confrontation with teammate Kerry Rhodes.

And while his Twitter courtship of another man’s girlfriend was humorous to some — he offered to take a beauty queen for chicken wings and a night at the strip club — it symbolized the perceived immaturity that drove Whisenhunt crazy.

Dockett was ready to ask for a trade if Whisenhunt didn’t get fired.

In the locker room after the final game of the season, Dockett knew his future came down to Michael Bidwill’s decision. If Whisenhunt returned, he was going to ask for a trade, which the team surely would oblige. He tried to act indifferent. He vowed to return to the NFC West, hell-bent on revenge. They were all defense mechanisms that proved how badly he wanted to remain in Arizona.

What makes a head coach great in the NFL, is the ability to be able to deal with the different types of players that are on their roster and Whisenhunt clearly couldn’t connect with Dockett.



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