Darnell Dockett doesn’t blame O.J. Simpson for killing his wife

darnell dockettCardinals defensive lineman Darnell Docket often tweets some very dumb things on Twitter, but tonight he went way to far with this one about O.J. Simpson killing his wife.


Of course Dockett deleted the tweet, but people are way too fast on the internet when it comes to screen shots.

Like I said this isn’t the first time Dockett has posted inappropriate things on Twitter.  He’s made fun of Asian people and has been disrespectful to A.J. McCarron and his mother as well as Katherine Webb.

I would think the NFL and/or the Cardinals will have a talk with Dockett about this since




  1. Tumblindice58 says

    Sounds more like Dockett trying to remain relevant in the sports world what with the cards sucking ass and all! Hey Dockett just try and win some games and make some plays and you will be on sportscenter ,Other than that just keep making dumbass comments about AJ McCarrons girlfriend and other ridiculous shit and maybe someone will read about it, I mean I did!

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