Danny Amendola’s injury could have killed him

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, Danny Amendola’s injury to his clavicle being life threatening because it almost pierced his aorta and trachea.

“Danny Amenolda is very lucky because normally the type of injury that he had is life threatening, normally when it happens off the football field.

“Here’s what it is, when the clavicle dislocated…normally when the clavicle dislocates it pops out,” said Glazer.  “His popped in towards the aorta and the trachea.  A very very dicey situation for Danny Amendola.”

The way Amendola’s clavicle dislocated is very uncommon in the NFL and the Rams doctors had to act quickly to make sure they stabilized it.

“The only time that the trainers and doctors in the NFL said they really see this is in near-fatal or fatal car accidents,” Glazer continued.  “So what they did with Danny the other night, they put him to sleep, they popped the clavicle back into place.  But then doctors had to actually sit there and try and push it to see if it was going to pop back out again because it’s close to the aorta”

This was certainly a very scary situation for Amendola and the Rams.  They still don’t know how long he’ll be out at this point because of how uncommon his injury is in the NFL.

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