Danny Amendola dealing with a groin injury

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola is dealing with a groin injury.


  1. says

    I hope these PAT-RIOTS remember Danny Amen-dola is an OFTEN- injured player!! They SHOULD have kept Wes Welker–Now, Brady’s bread and butter / go-to guy is playing @ Broncos.= NO Wes Welker
    WHAT the HELL is wrong with Pat-RIOTS front office?
    (It was the front-office that did in the RAMS for so many years!)
    Lots a luck?! Now, with Hernandez facing life in prison = NO Hernandez
    Wes Welker @ Broncos, jacked him around re:salary = NO Welker.
    BIG/DUMB/Drunk Gronkowski (EVERY foto i= him +beer) = NO Gronk
    Danny Woodhead good player, I thought= He’s gone = NO Woodhead
    HOW many OTHER skill players / running backs did they ditch = ?????
    Apparently, Mr Belichick doesn’t think Tebow is worth ANYTHING::
    NO locker room pick-me-up speeches, no special teams player, no protection expert on punts. Tebow = no gud 4 nothin?? NO Tebow

    Do NOT be surprised if BOTH Q.B.’s: TOM Brady AND RYAN Mallett get injured. …………I’m just saying……. ……NO Brady and NO R Mallett ………
    We will just have to see HOW it goes. Right.?
    GO TEBOW !!
    We LOVE you bro.

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