Danny Amendola could replace Wes Welker in New England

A fan named Joshua asked ESPN’s Adam Schefter if Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola could end up replacing Wes Welker in New England.

It’s definitely possible, Joshua. Amendola is a poor man’s, younger, cheaper Welker. If New England can’t re-sign Welker, it would not be surprising in the least if the Patriots made a run at Amendola. You’re not the first person who has thought of and made this connection, and it could pick up more speed and momentum in March.

I think you could argue that Amendola is a better receiver than Welker.  I’m not sure Welker could play for the Rams and dominant the way Amendola did with such a shortage of talent around him.

The only problem with Amendola is he can’t seem to stay healthy.  He’s very fragile.


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