Danny Amendola could be back sooner than expected

According to ProFootballWeekly.com, there’s at least one source within the St. Louis Rams’ organization that believes wide receiver Danny Amendola could be back sooner than expected from his separated AC joint.

“Our Rams sources are putting their money on WR Danny Amendola returning to action much sooner than later after suffering a shoulder joint injury that normally takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks to sufficiently heal. ‘A month to recover might be optimistic, but Danny’s a quick healer, and I know he’s going to want to come back,’ one source said. ‘This particular injury doesn’t have a great track record as far as quick recovery goes. It took (Cowboys QB) Tony Romo 11 weeks to recover from the same injury, but don’t forget, he does have to throw the ball. The (Rams’) bye week (in Week Nine) will help,'” wrote PFW.

The Rams certainly need Amendola back as soon as possible, he’s quarterback Sam Bradford’s most reliable target.


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