Dannell Elerbe hopes to re-sign with the Ravens

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Dannell Alerbe is scheduled to become a free agent next month and he told NFL AM on the NFL Network that he hopes to return to Baltimore next season.

“I hope to be back,” Ellerbe said, per NFL.com. “My heart is here in Baltimore, but I haven’t really had conversation or dialogue with theRavens yet. I have faith I will (be back).”

The Ravens must re-sign Ellerbe.  He’s going to be expected to take over for Ray Lewis who is now retiring.

“It’s not about filling shoes, it’s about coming back and making plays,” Elleberbe said. “Ray Lewis does such a great job, you can’t try and step in and fill the shoes of a legend. All I can try to do is go out there, make plays and make my own legacy.”

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