Dan Snyder writes a letter to season ticket holders in defense of Redskins name

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder wrote a letter to his season ticket holders to defend the name of his organization.

You can read the entire original two page letter here.

Snyder threw out some statistics in order to back up his opinion that people aren’t offended by the name.

I find it funny that Snyder expects us to believe the stats he puts out when he attempted to have a fake Native American chief make a guest appearance on “Redskins Nation” on CSN Washington and claim that his tribe loves the Redskins name and takes pride in it.  I’m sorry I can’t believe anything  Snyder says.

This is the same guy that sues his own season ticket holders.  He even wasted his time sueing a Washington D.C. newspaper.

I hate to break it to Snyder, but he will lose this battle.  The entire controversy over the Redskins name has gained too many legs to go away any time soon.





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    The Martin-Zimmerman trial failed to start a race war now Obama is trying again with this.