Dallas writer calls Dez Bryant “classless and immature”

dez bryant

During an online chat on Wednesday,  Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News had no problem ripping Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant for walking off the field prior to the end of last week’s loss to the Packers.

“Walking off the field is class-less and immature. If the losing team shakes your hand when you win, you should be there to shake the winner’s hand when you lose,” Gosselin said via Helmet 2 Helmet. “But there is so little accountability on this team. Dez can walk off. Romo can check out of a run to a pass. The players run the show at Valley Ranch, not the coaches. And that’s why this team won’t win the way it’s currently structured.”

I completely agree.  The reason the players run the show is because Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t empower head coach Jason Garrett or any of his past head coaches for that matter.

“Tony Romo doesn’t want to run. Jason Garrett doesn’t want to run. And that one play aside, Bill Callahan apparently doesn’t want to run, either,” Gosselin added. “It seems DeMarco Murray is the only guy over there who wants to run. The Cowboys cut their fullback before training camp and then brought three tight ends to camp who could catch but offered little in the way of blocking. How can you expect to run the ball when there’s no commitment to it? You don’t avoid the run all season long and then decide in the final minutes of the 14th game that you want to run the ball. Running the football is a mindset. That mindset hasn’t been cultivated since Garrett became head coach.”

While Romo puts up great passing numbers during the season,  when you have the ball in a close game with the fourth quarter winding down,  you have to run the ball.  Dallas clearly forgot how to close a game out last week.


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