Cris Collinsworth: Problems disappear for players when they sign with the Patriots (Video)

So NBC Sports analyst Cris Collinsworth said something really silly during tonight’s telecast between the Patriots and Falcons.

Collinsworth said that it’s amazing that when a a player with any type of problems has them disappear when he signs with New England.

Ahhhh, ok.  I guess Collinsworth forgot about Aaron Hernandez.

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  • stinkfist

    He was referring to the players attitudes when they show up for work, not off the field jackass. BB has no control over what players do when they punch out.These are grown men.

  • Anonymous

    This article isn’t even trying ,he was taking about attitude and how we hardy heard a sound from the players.

  • Daniel Stillmunks

    That’s right and at-a-boy Cris. Ignore those fools who hold up Aaron Hernandez as the typical Pats player rather than an anomaly.
    Now, if we could get Billicheck to change his mind about TEBOW.