Cris Carter’s wife headbutted another woman during a tennis match

According to TMZ Sports,  Cris Carter’s wife head butted another woman during a tennis match down in Boca Raton, Florida over a dispute that had to do with a line call.

The NFL Hall of Famer’s wife, Melanie Carter, was playing in a doubles match at the Seasons of Boca Raton community center when one of the women on the other team asked for a line judge to clear up a disputed call.

According to a police report, Carter didn’t agree with the judge’s call — and she and the other player approached each other and started arguing.

Carter told cops the other woman dared her to “hit me” — but then headbutted Melanie before she could do anything.  Melanie claims the two began to fight and wound up on the ground.

The other woman denies the headbutt and says Carter threw the first punch.

Is anyone really surprised the wife of Cris Carter headbutted another woman?  I know I’m not.

  • TC Collins

    Your description is inaccurate. Chris Carter’s wife was on the receiving end of the headbutt.