Cowboys will wear blue jerseys on Thanksgiving

cowboys uniforms

The Dallas Cowboys announced on their official website that they won’t be wearing their typical Thanksgiving throwback uniforms.  Instead they’ll be wearing their blue jerseys at home instead of their white ones.

The Cowboys won’t be wearing a traditional throwback jersey for Thanksgiving this year.

But it still won’t look like any normal home game at AT&T Stadium.

For the first time since the Cotton Bowl days, the Cowboys will wear their regular blue jersey at home in Thursday’s game with the Raiders.

The Cowboys admit that the reason they’re  not wearing their alternate throwbacks with the white helmets is because the NFL has mandated that teams use the same helmets for the entire season and never change them.

In compliance with NFL rules, teams are not allowed to wear an alternate helmet because of the league’s enhanced awareness on concussions. So the throwback jerseys with the white helmets as we’ve seen in recent years was not an option for the Cowboys.

However, sticking with the Thanksgiving Day theme of wearing a different look, the Cowboys have decided to wear their blue jerseys for this game. Oakland, of course, will wear its regular white away uniform.