Cowboys’ Tyron Smith has been taking karate lessons

Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith has been taking karate lessons this offseason to help out with his hand-eye coordination.

“They did karate to get their hands quicker and smoother,” Smith said, per the Dallas Morning News. “It’s more about hand-eye coordination. Right now, I’m trying to get our offensive line into it.”

Smith plans on putting on another 10 pounds.

“I just want to be a better run-blocker and be stronger and more physical,” Smith said. “There were times last year where I felt like I was too fast and I was a little off-balanced. I just basically want to add a little weight and stay there, be fast and strong at the same time.”

Smith had a pretty good year in 2012.  As long as he keeps working hard, Tony Romo’s blind side will be in good hands for a while.


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