Cowboys still expect Kyle Orton to show up for training camp

After being fined about $70,000 for skipping the Cowboys mandatory minicamp,  head coach Jason Garrett expects him to report to training camp at the end of next month or else he’ll be nailed with a daily find of $30,000.

Coach Jason Garrett said he has not talked to Orton but has been in touch his agent David Dunn, who was interestingly at the team’s Valley Ranch headquarters on Wednesday but had no comment on the AWOL quarterback.

“We anticipate him being at training camp,” coach Jason Garrett said. “Communication is a big part of that situation, trying to understand why he wasn’t here and taking the necessary work. … What we have to do and need to do as an organization is penalize him the necessary amounts of fines and those kinds of things. We also just want to understand and communicate and try to figure out [how] this situation is going to play out that’s best for the Dallas Cowboys and for Kyle Orton.”