Cowboys have set a crazy defensive goal for themselves

After having the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL last season, Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne says their goal is to be the top rated defense in 2014.

“We were last in the league in defense and we’re trying to be No. 1,” he said, via the Dallas Morning News. “That’s our goal. We’re not shying away from it.”

I wish I could agree, but I don’t see how Dallas’ defense got better this offseason.

  • chris

    Did we know anyone on a Seattle defense before last year other than Sherman? No! But you can lie and say yes! How about Frisco 3 years ago? The fact is teams come out of no where all the time and have a great offense or defense, so why not Dallas?

    • MadMoto

      This is true to some extent, but, talent is talent. While Seattle “came out of nowhere” their talent level was never questioned. They had no headliners until they became headliners. As a Dallas fan myself, our situation is very different. We have overpaid KNOWN quantities like Carr, and underachievers like Claiborne (although the jury is still out on him). Losing Lee pretty much sealed it unless our current underachiever (McClain) steps in and can play Lee-like.

      Really the ONLY know quantities worth ANYTHING on our D are Scandrick, Melton (questionable) and Church. And Church is a liability in coverage (though he is decent with run support); he’s slow and cannot go 1-1 on any mid level TE or Slot receiver. Scandrick can’t be everywhere.

      Our ONLY chance at the playoffs this year is, DeMarco Murray. Dallas needs to play keep away.