Cowboys reportedly believe their draft is “probably most successful in a while”

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Dallas Cowboys feel like they just had their best draft in a long time.

“All in all, it was probably the most successful draft we’ve had in a while,” a source said, per the Star-Telegram. “We got a guy in the fifth round [running back Joseph Randle] we had on the board in the third. We got good value on guys instead or reaching as we did in the past. Last year, we needed a safety and might have pumped a little air in [fourth-round pick Matt Johnson]. We took him earlier than we needed to. That didn’t happen this year, other than maybe the first round. We got good value.”

One of the Cowboys biggest needs is at safety and I really didn’t understand why they took a center in a first round and a tight end in the second round.  Hopefully former Georgia Southern safety J.J. Wilcox will pan out, but he’s a third round pick and guys picked in the mid-rounds typically aren’t looked at as immediate starters.
On the flipside, I really like wide receiver Terrance Williams out of Baylor because of how productive he was last season in Waco.  Running back Joseph Randle might be able to come in right away and help DeMarco Murray out.


  1. Cruiser08 says

    Jerry plays the media like a fiddle. Now he’s getting people to say that the Cowboys draft was the best in a while. He makes an ass out of himself in the draft and then tries to rewrite history. When will this joke end?

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