Cowboys’ QB coach says Tony Romo tried to do too much in 2012

Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Tony Romo tried to do too much this past season because of the issues they had with their offensive line and running game.

“I think that happened a lot this year, that he tried to do too much,” Wilson said. “He tried to make up for mistakes and trying to convert third-and-longs. It leads to bad plays.”

Wilson says Romo needs to balance out things so he doesn’t make so many mistakes.

“It’s certainly a double-edged sword with him, because he will make some mistakes, and he can create some plays and really cover up for some warts that we do have and give us a chance,” Wilson said. “Now, he has to balance that and manage that a little bit better than he did last year. That’s always going to be the emphasis.”

I don’t see Romo cutting down on his mistakes next season He’s always been prone to making big mistakes because he models his game after Brett Favre who’s the NFL’s all-time leader in interceptions.