Cowboys player has his girlfriend sit in the nosebleeds (Photo)


It’s interesting that Cowboys defensive back Orlando Scandrick would have his girlfriend Draya sit up in the nosebleed section to watch him play football.

 Black Sports Online explains why Scandrick has his girlfriend sitting so high.

A former professional athlete once broke down how tickets are allotted to groupies, family members, mistresses and wives. There is a pecking order, the higher up you are the less the player thinks of you. In the preseason, if a player wants his lady close to the field it is no problem at all, they can ever put them in a private suite if they like.

It seems like Draya realized it was awkward for her to be so high.  She ended up deleting the photo.


  • Anonymous

    Wow- Mid-level 50 yard line seats… What exactly is the story about??

  • Rockpile

    Sitting below 3 levels of luxury suites and the nosebleed section, in what looks like mid-field? SWEET seats!