Cowboys open negotiations with Tony Romo’s reps

Last night we mentioned that has indicated that the Dallas Cowboys aren’t in a hurry to sign quarterback Tony Romo to an extension.

Today Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas that they’ve opened contract negotiations with Romo’s reps to work on getting an extension done.

“We have a great quarterback and he deserves to be paid,’’ says Jones, characterizing the initial talks as “informal.’’ “We have a good quarterback and we want to reward him. He’s in the last year of a contract and our goal is to not let the quarterback run out of contract.’’

The Cowboys believe in Romo even though they’ve had two straight 8-8 seasons.

“I think on this particular situation with Tony is we think we have a great quarterback and we want him to be our quarterback here for the next four to five years,” Jones says. “When you have a good one and you’re fortunate enough to have a good one, then he’s going to take up the biggest part of your cap space, so you have to be partners with one another and you have to do things. No one wants to win more, no one wants to have success more than Tony. He knows in order to do that we have to manage our cap and he plays a big part in that because the percentage of the cap that he takes.’’

The Cowboys want to add some more talent around Romo. Signing him to an extension would free up some cap room to do so.

“He wants good players around him and we want to put great players around him,’’ Jones says. “And that’s what we intend to do.”

Even though both sides have started to negotiate, it will still take some time to strike a deal.