Cowboys open to drafting a quarterback

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones told at the Senior Bowl that they’re open to taking a quarterback in this coming May’s draft.

“You always have to be open to that,” Jones said. “Yeah, and whether it’s a guy ultimately one day, your future, even if its at some point it enables you to not have a better (more expensive) backup, that saves you money if you’re able to get on a guy like that, so we’re always open to it.”

As much as some Cowboys fans would love their team to draft someone to take over for Tony Romo.  It’s not happening.  Not after the contract they gave him last year.



  1. Anonymous says

    These guys can’t manage their way out of a brown paper bag. Over the cap, fix it. Can’t win, draft new players, fix it. Pay based on production not press releases. Have bonuses based on play in the playoffs, like TEX used to. These people are not great business men, they got where they are on corporate welfare thanks to local politicians that should be in JAIL.I say move th eteam to San Antonio and try again for a better owner. Dallas and the Metroplex deserve better. Stupid is not in, these days.

  2. says

    “DRAFT A “BACK-UP” QB”??!!! What a joke!!!!!! Get rid of your loser-starter!! Start “Orton”!!! Draft “Garropolo” in third or fourth!!! Trade “Chokemo” for a great lineman (offense or defense) and draft choices! Trade Miles Austin! If Dallas doesn’t build their lines they’ll never be anything but “500”!!! “Also…”secondary and linebacker”!!!!!!

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