Cowboys may look to bring back Laurent Robinson

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys may look into signing free agent wide receiver Laurent Robinson after being released by the Jaguars.

The biggest concern with Robinson is that he suffered four concussions last season and only played in seven games.  He also has an ankle injury that’s a bit of a concern.

It was a good year financially for Robinson _ the contract guaranteed him $14 million _ but not competitively. He suffered four concussions and managed to play in only seven games.

Robinson caught 24 passes for 252 yards and no touchdowns for the Jaguars. He caught 54 passes for 858 yards and 11 touchdowns in his only season with the Cowboys.

Robinson’s health is a concern, and not just the concussions. There are questions to be answered about an ankle injury.

The Cowboys really need a third receiver, but I’m not sure Robinson is that guy.  They’re going to need to look to the draft to add depth at the receiver position, since they don’t have much cap room to work with in free agency.



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    Four concussions are just too much and Robinson would be too expensive. The Cowboys need to look into the draft. Let’s face it with the way the cap is Jerry cannot afford to go looking in free agency for any player and all he would be able to afford is a player that would not be worth bringing here anyway. With these new cap rules Jerry may go to the grave before he sees another Super Bowl with the Cowboys playing.

    Aside from Jerry’s spending habits on players I was very disappointed to see how cheaply he acted over getting sued by the fans who lost their in his only Super Bowl. Seats people bought to attend his super bowl in Arlington not Dallas. He acted very hateful with the people that sued him because he did not care about their problems as he never paid big money for a Super Bowl seat that he actually worked for. Frankly The Cowboys shouldn’t get another Super Bowl in Arlington as long as Jerry Jones owns the team as he hasn’t got the smell off him for that debacle and I think never will. He cannot blame the Arlington Fire Department for a problem that he should have solved like a gentleman but did not and then acted like a carnival barker instead of an owner of a National Football League team.

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