Cowboys may ask Miles Austin to take a pay cut

During a sit down meeting with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that wide receiver Miles Austin won’t be released for cap reasons, but he didn’t rule out the possibility that Austin might be asked to take a pay cut.

“I think Miles is certainly very much in our plans. Right now, for the Cowboys, he’s in our plans,” Jones said. “Now he’s had two disappointing years relative to fighting some limitations. But I think he’s a safe bet. When you look at the risk of him coming back and having a season less impaired by injury, that’s much higher odds than us getting a free agent or drafting a rookie out here than can do what he can do. Now to the end that we can get any of our players to help us get under the salary cap, which is another way of saying to help us get room right now, to win now, we’ll be trying to do that.”

Austin doesn’t lack the talent to be a great NFL receiver.  He needs to do a better job of taking care of his body and making sure he remains healthy.



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