Cowboys impressed with WR Cole Beasley

AP Photo

Just last week we mentioned that undrafted rookie free agent wide receiver Cole Beasley had quit the Cowboys as well as the game of football. 

Well now Beasley is back and will likely be the Cowboys’ third receiver on Monday night against the Raiders.  Head coach Jason Garrett likes what he sees from Beasley since he’s come back.

“Like we talked when he left, sometimes young players need to regain their perspective on where they are,” coach Jason Garrett said. “One of the things we really liked about Cole Beasley coming out of school was his love of the game, his passion for the game, his willingness to work at it. That’s just how he’s always played. It showed up on tape of him in college. It showed up when he was around us in the spring. So for him to leave, we just had to try to help him regain his perspective. And when he came back, he was the guy we knew and the guy we were excited about signing after the draft.”

The Cowboys desperately need a third receiver to step up and it could end up being Beasley.

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