Cowboys great Bob Lilly believes Tony Romo’s “got it”

Former Dallas Cowboys great Bob Lilly acknowledged at the Pro Football Hall of Fame that quarterback Tony Romo’s window to win a Super Bowl is closing.  But he believes he has what it takes to get the job done.

“I think Tony is a pretty good quarterback, and if he’s ever going to be totally mature, he’ll be that way this year,” Lilly told Around the League. “He’s got a few years left, but he’s getting into his early 30s. A lot of quarterbacks have matured late, but generally the ones that have won and have dynasties, started out fairly young on the team they played with.”

Lilly did say, “I think he’s got it.”

I would never expect a former Cowboys player to say Romo can’t win a Super Bowl, unless it’s Terrell Owens.