Cowboys could address the running back position in the draft or free agency

Let’s be honest, aside from DeMarco Murray, the Dallas Cowboys running back’s are pretty average.  It’s time for them to make an upgrade and add another player or two in the draft or free agency.

Nick Eatman of believes the Cowboys may do just that.

Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar are both under contract and will remain in the mix. Tanner wasn’t used much later in the season, while Dunbar, an undrafted rookie from North Texas, got more opportunities as the year wore on.

Still, it leaves the door open for at least one, possibly two new backs to enter the equation this season.

Don’t expect the Cowboys to spend a first-round pick on a back, or even a second-rounder considering Murray is still the expected starter with just two years under his belt. But a mid-round back or even a reasonably priced free agent makes sense.

Murray is an exceptional back, but he can’t stay healthy.  The Cowboys must upgrade their running backs to compete next season.



  1. norm says

    So, Dallas can improve themselves by either drafting players or signing free agents,huh? Last time I looked, those were the only 2 ways teams can add talent.So, my response to the author would be “Well, duh!”.

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