Colts hold running back competition

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Having veteran quarterbacks compete with each other and rookies for their place as a starter seems to be the new trend this offseason, (think Arizona’s and Miami’s competitions for starting QB) and now the Indianapolis Colts have decided to set the next trend by holding a running back battle in training camp. Donald Brown, the former Colts first round draft pick, has to prove himself worthy of a spot in the starting lineup this 2012 season, according to Colts Running Back Coach David Walker.

In an interview with Walker said, “Donald deserves to be No. 1 right now as we go through offseason training but we’ll see how that unfolds as we get to camp and start hitting, playing against other people in the preseason. …Everybody wants to be that guy, and we’ll give everybody that opportunity to show us he can be that guy.”

While healthy competition among teammates is great way to keep players on top of their game and consistently proving they’re the one for the job, the necessity for this running back battle is a bit of a head scratcher to many, probably none more than Donald Brown himself. Brown just finished the best season of his career; setting career highs for rushing yards, attempts, and touchdowns. The “competition” he faces is a well-known fumbler, an undrafted free agent, and a fifth round draft pick. To say the deck is stacked in Brown’s favor is an understatement. In the end, the battle is likely more motivational tool than actual ranking scale. If that is the case, Brown better hope the starting job ends up his.

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