Colorado students forbidden to wear Peyton Manning jerseys

According to, students in Colorado are being told they can’t wear their number 18 Peyton Manning jersey’s to school because of an anti-gang policy.

“Some students in Greeley, Colo., are upset over an anti-gang policy that prohibits them from wearing Peyton Manning’s No. 18 jersey,” wrote FOX News.

“They told me I couldn’t wear 18 anymore because it’s a gang number and I had to take it of

“A spokesperson for Weld County District 6 explained the policy has been around for more than three years and applies to the numbers 13, 14,18, 31, 41 and 81,” wrote FOX News.

“We’re Broncos fans ourselves; it has nothing to do with that. We’re just wanting to set a consistent solid, example,” said district spokesperson Roger Fiedler.

I’m all for protecting our children against gangs, but when it comes to elementary school students being prohibited from wearing a football jersey with a particular number, that’s a little silly.

If a school official needs to look at a jersey to figure out if a student is a part of a gang, they need to be educated.

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