Colorado students forbidden to wear Peyton Manning jerseys

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According to, students in Colorado are being told they can’t wear their number 18 Peyton Manning jersey’s to school because of an anti-gang policy.

“Some students in Greeley, Colo., are upset over an anti-gang policy that prohibits them from wearing Peyton Manning’s No. 18 jersey,” wrote FOX News.

“They told me I couldn’t wear 18 anymore because it’s a gang number and I had to take it of

“A spokesperson for Weld County District 6 explained the policy has been around for more than three years and applies to the numbers 13, 14,18, 31, 41 and 81,” wrote FOX News.

“We’re Broncos fans ourselves; it has nothing to do with that. We’re just wanting to set a consistent solid, example,” said district spokesperson Roger Fiedler.

I’m all for protecting our children against gangs, but when it comes to elementary school students being prohibited from wearing a football jersey with a particular number, that’s a little silly.

If a school official needs to look at a jersey to figure out if a student is a part of a gang, they need to be educated.

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