Is Colin Kaepnernick worth $18 million per year?

With the recent report that Colin Kaepernick is looking for at least $18 million a year for his next contract. I’m wondering if he’s worth it.


  1. says

    He’s not worth 18 mil right now, he needs to think of the team needs and take a lower sum of money
    to help out the rest of the team needs. I wouldn’t pay him over 12 mil. until he he learns to start looking for more options to throw to, until he does that he will not get any better and not be worth any more than he gets now.

  2. Biily Pete says

    I don’t think he is worth $18 million right now. He has some strengths that can be developed, but his game struggled last year. If he loses a few of his offensive weapons he will be hurting. He is not good enough of a quarterback to pull a struggling team along. He is a quarterback that does well with an already good team around him.

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