Colin Kaepernick’s parents take a picture in front of a statue that’s giving their son a wedgie (Photo)


Sean Smith, the agent of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, posted a funny picture of Kaeperick’s parents in front of a statue in Atlanta that has a Falcons’ player giving Kaepernick a wedgie.

This is pretty funny.  The problem is I don’t think the Falcons will be able to catch up to Kaepernick.




  1. Jay Deem says

    Colin does not look like his parents. Not that it matters, but just out of curiosity, was he adopted? His parents are so lucky to have him.

  2. kim mize says

    Yes he was adopted. And I believe both sides of the family and parents are equally blessed in having one another. I watched an interview just today about colin s parents and the incredible parents he couldnt have chosen to be more loving nurturing and obviously so well rounded.They are just everyday hard working people…with the exception of raising COLIN KAPERNICK!!!! Its quite a inspiring story to say the least. Good job mom and dad. As any good parent…you both must be so very proud of your son and the great job you did in raising him. You should be applauded {clap clap}. And Colin??? Well we’re going to the superbowl!!! Need I say more??? Except THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You have made all us niners fans proud!!! 1 more game Colin just 1 more time!!! i have completr faith in you and all your teamates!!!

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