Colin Kaepernick says A.J. Jenkins is progressing

According to Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick says that wide receiver A.J. Jenkins has been progressing this offseason.

It would be nice if Jenkins can live up to the billing of being a former first round pick.  He did absolutely nothing for the 49ers in 2012.


  • Michael Wright

    Hasn’t proved anything. Still wish the 49ers had pick Fleener. Then we wouldn’t be having to replace Walker(who was crazy
    to go to the Titans, he won’t get a ring there!).

  • gripkits

    @Michael Wright

  • Anonymous

    I agree he will never get a ring with the titans unless they strike gold on every pick in the upcoming draft. meaning the players excell on the field pro bowl level style of play as well as better consistency from the veterans who are already sign.. I also agree with the fleener pick over Jenkins. Especially when u consider that the 49ers new it was going to be uncertain if they could had resign him… But I give the front office the benefit of the not doubting they’re method to there madness considering how many pics they gotten right In recent history… So Jenkins might have a unforeseen hell of season to official start his career then we won’t feel as bad as we do…. Knowing that the tight end position was salitified knowing we use two tight end formations frequently