Colin Kaepernick owns 350 pairs of shoes (Video)

colin kaepernick shoes


49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick told ESPN that he owns about 350 pairs of shoes.  He’s also spent around a total of $18,000 during a single visit to the shoe store.

I really hope Kaepernick has a good financial adviser.


  1. Anonymous says

    8-8 huh? u must no more then all the analyst that say they will be right back in contention. besides what does shoes have to do with inellect??

  2. Fred says

    I’m not surprised you don’t understand the correlation between wasteful purchases whilst on a league minimum salary and “inellect.” And Ron Jaworski, Herm Edwards and Merril Hodge are “analysts,” rendering respect for the term “analyst” meaningless. Try thinking for yourself and don’t listen to simpletons with a microphone. Revisit this comment in December; I guarantee you it will seem prescient.

  3. Anonymous says

    hay fred all i will say is i can’t wait until you eat your words. trust me fred you will.

  4. paco martinez says

    350 pairs of shoes. Nice tax write-off “business expense”.
    I can just see Tim Tebow buying himself 700 shoes. NOT

  5. Shel Rama says

    There is a condition of mental illness known as “obsessive compulsive disorder”. Sounds like this guy fits the mold.

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