Colin Kaepernick dislocated Randy Moss’ finger

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss told the media that when  quarterback Colin Kaeperncik made his first start a few week’s ago against the Bears, he ended up dislocating his finger with one of his “fast balls.”

“Man, he dislocated my finger,” Moss said , per CSN Bay Area.

“Really, the play was designed for the ball to be thrown in the first hole,” Moss said of the pass that he could only deflect in the 49ers’ game Nov. 19 against the Chicago Bears.

“And I think I got to the second hole — or we call them windows as a wide receiver — and when he found me in the second hole it was kind of too late to throw it, but he threw it anyway. So he had to put one them Randy Johnson fastballs on me. When it hit my finger, I felt my finger pop — dislocated it. So I had to come back to the sideline and the doctor had to pop it back in.”

Kaepernick has a heck of an arm and what’s really impressive about him is how accurate he is.


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