Colin Kaepernick, 49ers headed to New Orleans

Colin Kaepernick has established a new alter ego.

Colin Dapper-nick. Because he looks so good.

16 meaningful completions on 21 attempts for 233 yards, Dapper-nick’s pinpoint accuracy in his first Conference Championship Game reminded me of another sophomore quarterback that took his team and won on the road: Tom Brady in Pittsburgh (2001).

The excessively tattooed quarterback solidified Jim Harbaugh’s decision to roll the dice mid-season by rallying the offense, with tremendous help from their defense, and overcoming a 17-point deficit. The momentum shifted after two consecutive trips to the end zone before the 2nd half.

Atlanta’s 10-point lead entering the third quarter vanished rather quickly as the Falcons defense played hesitant whenever Kaepenick shouted audibles over and over again at the line of scrimmage – and then handed the ball off to his handy running back, Frank Gore. It almost seemed as if the defensive coordinator Mike Nolan overcompensated for the sophomore sensation’s running abilities and by assigning a linebacker to shadow Kaepernick’s movements allowed Frank Gore to gallop through larger holes. Although Atlanta stopped the quarterback to run for another postseason record, they focused on slowing him down so much that it might have hurt them more than it helped.

Matt Ryan clutched his collarbone area after getting up from a bad fall in the Falcons game-winning drive.

The 49ers and Dappernick are will now wait to see who they’ll play between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 47.